The Québec Métiers d’avenir service

  • A personalized support through all the administrative and immigration procedures
  • An enrollment in a training program for which the job prospects are excellent.
  • A support for integration in Quebec
  • A driven team with an expertise in immigration and evaluation of education levels developped through the years
  • A single window set up by educational institutions regrouping the offer for vocational and technical training in Québec.
  • A free professional service

Advantages of Québec Métiers d'Avenir

  • World-renowned training programs
  • Short length (1 year to 3 years) quality training
  • In French or in English
  • Emphasis on practical knowledge (80% technical, 20% theory applied to careers)
  • Graduation rate of up to 90%
  • A unique cultural and international experience
  • The possibility to be accompanied by the members of your family
  • The opportunity to work during your studies
  • A job placement rate of 70% to 90% after your studies
  • Access to a work permit after your studies
  • A first international work experience
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