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Québec is a prosperous and dynamic society whose economy is highly integrated with those in the rest of Canada and in the United States. It’s a society based on equal opportunities and merit, where vocational skills are valued and salaries are competitive. Thanks to a strong job market and sustained growth, Québec is experiencing its lowest unemployment rate since 43 years. Over the next few years, employment opportunities—particularly those requiring vocational training—will be vital for people who wish to enter the job market. Employment opportunities for vocational training graduates in all sectors are therefore very interesting and will remain so for the next few years.

The Québec job market is characterized by:

*Statistics Canada – June, 2019

Job market outlook in Québec

Source: Le marché du travail et l’emploi par industrie au Québec : Perspectives à moyen (2015-2019) et à long terme (2015-2024) (in French )

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You want to work in Québec? We can help!

Each year, Québec’s school board network assigns us a selection of vocational training programs for international students. These programs are chosen every year based on the growing labour needs of the job market.

With our Québec métiers d’avenir services, we will support you through every step of the application process. Whether it’s for your Québec Acceptance Certificate and study permit (which will allow you to work up to 20 hours per week during your studies), or your co-op student work permit, we are here to help you—free of charge!

Upon completion of your training, we will advise you on how to obtain your post-graduation work permit in order to work in Québec after your studies.

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