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COVID-19 | Update: Canada opens borders to international students

The 5 steps for studying in Québec


Exploring training opportunities

Learn about vocational training programs that reflect your interests

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Over 80 vocational training programs available in Québec. Search according to your interests or professional needs. Programs are available throughout Québec, allowing you to select a region in line with your expectations.


Creating my file online

Create your file in order to receive personalized support

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With the information provided in your file, our team will be better equipped to assess your particular situation and advise you to the best of our ability.



Consulting support and confirmation of your studies

A dedicated agent will work with you to help you pursue your education in Québec

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Our team will evaluate your eligibility for the vocational training program. We will advise you on the regions of Québec and the various vocational training programs available that best correspond with your interests and your needs.

Through our expertise and our comparative evaluation of studies service, we will determine, together with the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur, whether you have the necessary educational prerequisites for the selected vocational training program.

We will offer you guidance and advice on preparing a strong financial capacity file for immigration purposes in terms of obtaining both the Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) and the study permit.

Are your spouse and/or children accompanying you? We’ll tell you about the steps to take, permits for accompanying persons, work opportunities for your spouse and school options for your children.


Immigration and administrative procedures

Take advantage of our team’s experience in administrative procedures and immigration

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Once your file is complete, we will contact the vocational training centre that you have selected. Your application will be submitted to the Centre’s resource persons for your official admission.

Once your official admission letter is received, it will be validated by our team and then sent to you along with detailed information for starting your temporary immigration process. A support agent will assist you in obtaining the CAQ and study permit.


Preparing for your arrival and integration

Plan your arrival with our support and the tools you will receive

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In conjunction with the immigration process, you will get the tools you need to plan your arrival in Québec. You will obtain information about searching for housing, schools or daycares for your children (if necessary), insurance, opening a bank account, planning a budget, preparing for travel to Québec, etc.

Upon your arrival in Québec, you will receive information about the various arrangements you will have to make in order to be properly settled during your studies. Information will be provided to you about the following:

  • Your social insurance number (SIN)
  • Searching for a job
  • Driver’s licence
  • Taxes
  • Electricity
  • Telephone service
  • Internet service
  • Buying or renting a car
  • Where to get furniture and clothing
  • Etc.

Our team will be available throughout the training program and following its completion.

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