Vous voulez suivre une courte formation et travailler au Québec ?

You want to complete a short training and find a job in Quebec ?

We can help you find the programs of study that will quickly lead to a job in Quebec!

We analyse the job market in Quebec every year and offer you a selection of vocational and technical trainings that are the most in demand. 

We identify the vocational education centers and the technical colleges that offer those trainings in regions of Quebec where there is a labour shortage in those precise trades. Finally, we identify the centers and colleges that offer places to international students. 

Éducation internationale, through its Québec métiers d'avenir service, will support you through every step of your admission application, and will help you get your study permit (allowing you to work while completing your studies) and get a Post-graduation work permit (allowing you to work in Quebec after your studies).