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According to the study Le marché du travail au Québec: Perspectives à long terme 2008-2017, 1.3 million people will have to enter the workforce in order to replace retiring workers and cope with the expected growth in employment, and more than three quarters of those people alone will be needed to replace workers leaving the labour market. 

The job market in Québec

The province of Québec is a dynamic society, with a strong job market. It is a society oriented on equal opportunity and merit, where professionnal skills are valued and remuneration is competitive. 

The job market in Québec is characterised by: 

  • A very low unemployment rate; the lowest in the last 40 years 
  • An employment rate among the highest among OECD coutries
  • A great ease of access to the job market for women and youth
  • An appreciation of careers in vocational and technical training (60% of the jobs in Québec are at this level)
  • Good working conditions
  • A thriving society in which individual and collective fulfillment is valued

Currently, vocational education centers and technical colleges fail to provide enough graduates to replace retiring workers and to meet the needs of Québec businesses in terms of workforce, which explains the efforts made to recruit international workers. 

To learn more on the job market in Québec, you may consult the various resources available : 

  • Emploi-Québec website : Labour market information 
  • Employment report delivered by Emploi-Québec : The key figures of Québec employment, 2014 edition
  • Ministry of immigration, diversity and inclusion (Ministère de l'immigration, diversité et inclusion) website : Cultural values in Québec's job market 
  • Ministry of immigration, diversity and inclusion (Ministère de l'immigration, diversité et inclusion) website : Norms, working conditions, government-regulated trades 
  • Government of Canada website to find out more about wages for different occupations

To facilitate your integration into Québec society and into the labour market, the guide Learning about Québec offers practical information on all aspects of life in Québec!