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I Discovered my Passion in Quebec!

Éma Gingras

Interior design
Centre de formation professionnelle Pierre-Dupuy

My name is Éma Gingras, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Nantes. I arrived in Quebec in January 2017 to undertake a training in Interior Design at Pierre-Dupuis Vocational Education Centre in Montreal.

I chose Quebec because I have family there but also because I had the feeling that there were more opportunities for me there. I found the program while consulting the website of Québec métiers d’avenir. They were really helpful. They answered all my questions and paid close attention to my application. It made me want to start this project. My integration was fast. Everyone, starting with the teachers, was very kind to me.

In my training program, we are only twelve per class which allows a more personalized teaching. The teachers give us a lot of autonomy. When we work on projects, we are responsible for the research, the quotations, and the plans. Just like in a real job! Our teachers tell us about job opportunities and what we can do after our studies. There are so many possibilities that my choice is not yet decided.

« What I’m living here is better than I expected. The courses, the people… On a personal level, I discovered that I can be patient, persevering and also… that I can be passionate! »

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