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    COVID-19 | Update: Canada opens borders to international students

    Financial advice and services for your studies


    Desjardins services financiers

    For international students, Québec métiers d’avenir recommends the financial services and advice provided by Desjardins, the leading financial cooperative in Canada. Desjardins is proud to be a partner in your education.

    The offer for students in vocational or college training

    To help with your education plans, Desjardins would like to welcome you to Canada with a special offer for vocational and college students.

    Free monthly plan with unlimited transactions.1

    Cash Back credit card with no annual fee and special perks

    Exclusive advantages for Desjardins members

    Read articles by Desjardins on our blog!

    August 31, 2020

    Debit cards and credit cards: What’s the difference?

    August 31, 2020

    Your credit report in Canada


    1. This promotional offer is intended for student members. These include: i) members aged 18 to 21; ii) members aged 22 to 25 enrolled in full-time vocational or college training at a recognized educational institution in Canada; and iii) members enrolled in full-time university training at a Canadian university, regardless of their age. In addition, as part of this offer, the member can choose the Unlimited plan at no cost or apply the value of this plan, namely $ 13.95 per month, to the monthly payment of the Unlimited plan and pay only the difference, $ 8 dollars per month. To benefit from this offer, you must make a request at your bank or by phone at 1-800-CAISSES, and be able to confirm that you are a student member. Regardless of the choice made, for withdrawals made at ATMs other than those of Desjardins affiliated with the InteracMD and Plus * networks, fees of $ 1.50, $ 3 or $ 5 apply in addition. In addition, some ATM operators charge additional fees for the use of their devices. They must notify the user by a message on the screen before processing the transaction. The user thus has the possibility of canceling the latter. These fees are in addition to the withdrawal amount.

    Some conditions apply.

    To learn more, go to www.desjardins.com/StudyingInCanada

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