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Work-Study Program

The Work-Study program allows students who are enrolled in vocational training to undertake at least two internships in the workplace (making a minimum of 20% of the training program hours).

Thanks to the collaboration between the employer and the educational institution, the WSP allows students to acquire or further develop the necessary skills for the practice of their future profession with the possibility of being paid.

Several training programs are offered under the WSP arrangement. Please liaise with your accompanying officer to find out which trainings are coffered with the Work-Study Program model.

Note: Even if you are enrolled in a Work-Study training program, you may also be able to combine it with on and off campus employment.

On and off campus employment

As an international student enrolled in a vocational training program, it is possible for you to work while studying.

Normally, the Study permit automatically allows its holder to work off campus for up to 20 hours per week during school sessions and full-time during scheduled school breaks, without having to apply for a separate work permit.

For more information, visit the IRCC website

Please note: Although you are eligible to work while studying in Quebec, the salary you earn will not be considered when analyzing your proof of financial capacity for immigration purposes.

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