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    Merit scholarships

    Merit scholarships and exemptions from supplementary tuition fees

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    Discover our programs


    • To support the internationalization of vocational training institutions.
    • To attract top international students interested in taking vocational training programs in Québec, which is a leader in this area.
    • To promote the offering of comprehensive vocational training.

    Amount and nature of the scholarship

    • The annual budget is $350,000 in merit scholarships (approximately 20 scholarships awarded annually).
    • The merit scholarship amount varies between $12,750 and $24,000, depending on the duration of the training program.
    • Scholarships and exemptions are awarded on the condition that the programs are successfully completed.

    The merit scholarship program

    for foreign students taking vocational training allows recipients to benefit from:
    • A merit scholarship covering living expenses for the duration of the program (paid monthly);
    • An exemption from the supplementary fees payable by international students;
    • Health insurance protection provided by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

    The program for exemption from supplementary tuition fees

    Enables 20 international students in vocational education in Québec to be exempt from paying supplementary tuition fees. Exemption recipients do not receive a scholarship for living expenses and are not covered by the RAMQ.
      Funded by the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education

    These are two programs funded by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and managed by Éducation International and its Quebec Jobs for the Future service. Only one application process is carried out for both programs.

    Note that for the 2017–2018 competition, more than 100 applications were submitted by the school boards for the final selection process. Of those submitted, 15 exemptions and 15 scholarships were awarded.


    Participate in the competition

    Summary of eligibility criteria:

    • Be of a nationality other than French or Canadian, i.e. not hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada, nor have applied for permanent residency under Canadian immigration laws. Priority will be given to applications from member countries of the Francophonie (apart from France, including DOM/TOM) and strong markets from Asia (China, India and Japan) and the Americas (Mexico and Brazil).
    • Reside outside of Canada when the application is submitted and until the selected applications are announced.
    • Be 18 years or older. There is no maximum age limit.
    • Have not previously received a scholarship to study in Québec at an equal or higher level. Furthermore, you cannot obtain other scholarships within the same school year.

    Deadline : The 2019 competition is now over. The informations about the 2020 competition will be published on our website and on Facebook.

    Cost : Free



    Here is the competition schedule:

    Participation deadline for school boards (SB) April 30, 2019 Deadine for school boards to signify intention to participate and include programs offered.
    Application submission From May 20, 2019 to June 24, 2019 Completed applications must be submitted on Éducation internationale’s online platform.
    Screening From June 25, 2019 to September 13, 2019 Application files are analysed by school boards. The top three applications for each school board are submitted to Éducation internationale.
    Validation of files and final evaluation From September 14, 2019 to December 31, 2019 Application files selected by the school boards are validated and evaluated by an independent selection committee.
    Official announcement January and February, 2020 Applicants are notified of the competition’s outcome.
    Students’ immigration process Between January, 2020 and August, 2020 Scholarship and exemption recipients will go through the immigration process.
    Arrival of students and start of classes August and September, 2020 Students arrival and beginning of vocational training program.
    All duplicate applications will be automatically rejected. No request for information will be answered by email or phone.

    Éducation internationale encourages students who apply independently. If not, please note that your file may be rejected. Read the instruction guide below carefully. All necessary information is indicated.

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