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    Planning a budget

    In order to take vocational training in Québec, you must be able to prove your financial capacity to undertake this venture during your immigration process.

    The following is a breakdown of all the anticipated costs, which will help you determine the funds you need to complete your studies in Québec.

    Note: Although you may be able to work during your studies in Québec, the salary you earn cannot be taken into account in calculating your financial capacity as part of the immigration process.

    Administrative costs

    Canadian students French students International students
    Creating a file $100 + tax $100 $100
    Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) N/A $111 $111
    Study permit N/A $150 $150
    Total $114.98 $361 $361

    Tuition and related costs

    • Tuition and related costs (school supplies and equipment) vary according to the selected training program and centre. The costs for each training program are listed on their respective pages and on the search engine.
    • French nationals are exempt from paying tuition on account of an agreement between Québec and France. However, they are required to pay the related costs (school supplies and equipment). The costs for each training program are listed on their respective pages and on the search engine.

    Travel costs

    Travel costs must include the cost of a return trip for all the people who will be immigrating with you.


    Québec immigration laws stipulate that all foreign students in Québec must have health and hospital insurance and are required to maintain such insurance for the duration of their studies.

    Éducation internationale reached a group insurance policy agreement for international students registered for vocational training programs in Québec educational institutions.

    The monthly premium is $57 (subject to change). Note that taxes and fees are included in the price. These costs will be billed to you prior to your arrival in Québec.

    The people immigrating with you must also have health and hospital insurance coverage. You can obtain an online quote via the Desjardins website.

    • As of October 1, 2017, French nationals registered full time at a Québec vocational training centre enjoy free coverage offered by the Régie de l’Assurance Maladie du Québec (RAMQ), provided they are insured under France’s social security system.

    Living expenses for the duration of the stay

    This estimate allows you to determine the cost of living in Québec based on the number of people immigrating with you. It will be used to assess your financial capacity.

    It is important to note that these costs are provided for reference only and may vary based on the region and each person’s lifestyle.

    • Settling-in expenses: $500 minimum
      These costs include utility hook up, deposit for your first and last month’s rent, hotel for the first few nights in Québec, the purchase of winter clothing, etc.
    • Monthly living expenses
      The cost of living in Québec is among the lowest in Canada. To help you budget approximately how much you will need to cover monthly recurring costs (rent, electricity, telephone, transportation, utilities, etc.), the following table is an estimate established by the Ministère de l’Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion du Québec.
    Family situation Estimated budget for 12 months
    One child C$6,270
    One adult C$12,538
    One adult et one child C$16,849
    Two adults and one child C$20,598
    Two adults and two children C$22,231

    Child: under age 18

    Adult: age 18 or older

    *These fees are indexed every year on January 1 and do not include tuition fees.
    Source : Ministère de l’Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion du Québec

    How to prove your financial capacity

    As part of your immigration process, you must include originals or scanned copies of the documents below, depending on your situation, in order to prove your financial capacity:*

    • Recent proof of fund transfers or any other item indicating your assets and other sources of income.
    • Recent authorization for fund transfers from the currency exchange control office of your country of origin or residence (if your country limits fund transfers).
    • Recent official confirmation of the awarding of scholarships or bursaries indicating monthly and annual amounts to be received.
    • Recent pay slips, bank letter(s) indicating the current balance, etc.
    • The most recent income tax notice of assessment, specifying annual income.
    • Bank statement for the last three months with the current balance indicating the name of the account holder.


    N.B. : If you are age 18 or over and the expenses related to your study stay in Québec are undertaken by another person (your father, mother or third party), you must enclose the following documents:

    • The duly signed Declaration of financial support;
    • Detailed proof of this person’s financial capacity (employment letter indicating the person’s salary, pay slips, income tax return, bank letter(s) indicating the account balance, etc.).

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