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My immigration in the region of Beauce!

Wilson Bourdeau

Centre de formation professionnelle Pozer
  My name is Wilson Bourdeau and I’m from Haiti. In August 2013, I arrived in the beautiful region of Beauce to undertake a training in accounting studies at Pozer Vocational Education Centre.

From the beginning of my training, I chose to participate in all the activities organized by my school. Among other things, I was a volunteer at the Provincial Hockey Meeting and at the “Defi des recrues de la formation professionnelle”. I performed a dance performance in the show called “Vivez la culture”. I went to La Ronde and to a hockey game at the Bell Centre in Montreal. I was also part of a soccer team. In short, I was very involved in the student life which allowed me to learn more about the culture in Quebec and the culture in Beauce. Over time, I began to observe their way of thinking, their ways of doing things and their values to better understand my hosts.

Academic achievements
I tried to always be ahead in my classes. I would study about two hours every night of the week. I set goals, such as handing over quality homework, getting 100% in my exams and maintaining good student relationships.

I completed all my classes with great results and without fail. I received the Certificate of excellence from the “Fondation du mérite scolaire de la Beauce-Etchemin” in recognition of my hard work in class, my involvement in the student life and the quality of my academic performance. I also received a scholarship from the “Association des directions générales des commissions scolaires du Québec” (ADIGECS) worth $ 1 250 and the shooting of a video. They gave me this scholarship in recognition of my academic performance, my involvement in the student life and in the community. In addition, I was selected as the student of the year to receive the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal of Quebec.

During my studies, I worked at Manac, a major trailer manufacturer in Quebec. This is also where I did my internship. After my studies, I found a job as an accounting assistant at UPA but three months later, I got hired as an accountant at Manac. Today I’m a permanent employee of this company.

I encourage all new international students to come and study in Beauce and to work hard during their studies, on their integration and to get involved in the region’s community. Also, I want to reassure international students: You will not be disappointed and the efforts you make are worth it.
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