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Arriving as a family or a couple

Vous venez étudier au Québec en formation professionnelle et vous venez en compagnie ou avec votre famille? Voici ce qu'il faut savoir...



If your spouse would like to accompany you as part of your studies in Québec, they can apply for an open work permit. This will allow them to work in Québec for the duration of your study permit.

If you plan to accompany your spouse while studying in Quebec, knowledge of French could help you integrate more quickly and easily into your new environment. In addition to helping you in your daily activities, knowledge of French will also give you access to more jobs.


Finding a job

Here are a few popular online resources for finding a job in Québec

Emploi Québec’s Your Complete Job Search Guide will provide you with information on finding a job in Québec. The guide will help you :

Driver’s licence

If you are planning to drive in Québec, you need to meet the requirements of the SAAQ (Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec) with regard to international driver’s licences and their validity in Québec.


Daycare (from 10 months old to 5 years)

In Québec, children under the age of five are eligible to attend daycare. Subsidized daycare spots ($8.05/day) are rare and Québec families have a hard time finding available openings for their children. It is therefore more realistic to consider sending your children to a private daycare ($35–50/day).

Find a daycare for your child (in french only)

Primary and secondary school

Children who are eligible for regular preschool (kindergarten) must be 5 years old by September 30 of the registration year.

Children in first grade must be 6 years old by September 30 of the registration year. Beginning at age 6, children are required to go to school in Québec until the age of 16.

To register your child for school, you must visit your neighbourhood school assigned to educate your child. If no spaces are available at this school, they will help you find a school that will be able to educate your child.

At the secondary level (12 to 16–17 years), parents are responsible for registering their child at the school of their choice. To register, please consult your neighbourhood’s school boards.

When applying for your Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) and study permit, you can include your dependent children in the application for their CAQ (if necessary) and find out if your child needs a study permit.

Education costs for foreign students

Québec school system

Québec’s school system differs from that of other Francophone school systems. It includes an education network whose scope extends from preschool to the university level.

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