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I chose Quebec for its quality of life!

Karine Fructeau de Laclos

IT support

My name is Karine, I’m 33 years old, I’m married and mother of two children. I am currently studying accounting studies at Verdun-Lasalle Computer Science and Administration College (CIAVL) in Montreal.

Before leaving for Quebec, I was a stay-at-home mother. I always wanted to work in the administrative field. I made research to find a training that would allow me to enter the labour market in France, but the lack of vocational training for adult candidates and a very high unemployment rate led me to reconsider a life project and training abroad. I chose Quebec for its quality of life in general! For the beauty of the landscapes and also because French is the official language of the province.

By doing research about training opportunities in Quebec, I came across the website of Québec métiers d’avenir (QMA). I found all the information I needed to make my choice of a vocational training program. Once my choice was made, the staff helped me get through the registration process, step by step. They have been very valuable for me in this.

« Our arrival in Quebec went very well. It must be said that we planned well our departure…and our arrival. We rented a furnished apartment while we were still in France. My husband got a job as soon as we arrived in Quebec. He worked as a heater assembler for a month then changed to an operator position at ArcelorMittal which he still holds today. The registration for our children at school was done in Quebec. The kids adapted quickly and my son Nathaniel told me he felt well integrated at his new school. »

My training began on June 9th, 2014. I was impressed by the modernity of the CIAVL, which was very well supplied with computer equipment. Each student was assigned to a computer station from day one. The courses are individual and computerized, we all go at our own pace. There are no lectures and the homework is regularly corrected. Here, autonomy prevails. However, teachers are always in the class to offer additional explanations to anyone who ask for it.

Students also have a designated tutor with whom they can discuss different topics not only about the training (vocational guidance, work council) but also about more personal subjects (social network, personal doubts, etc.) which can be very useful.

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