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Welcome to Quebec, the adventure continues!

Ouaffin Coulibaly

I arrived in Quebec on September 6th, 2014, to undertake a training in Industrial Upholstery at Des Moulins Vocational Education Centre (VEC). My arrival at the airport of Montreal was very pleasant. The school had arranged a limousine at my disposal. They had also taken care of finding my accommodation, isn’t it wonderful!

The owner of the house where I lived, in the beginning, was really nice. She made dinner for all the roomers and help us by driving us to do our shopping. May GOD bless her forever.

After my training at Des Moulins VEC, I pursued my training at Des Riverains VEC. This school was well-equipped and its administrative staff was out of the ordinary: Always smiling and ready to help students, including myself. I really felt like I was being spoiled and well appreciated. I didn’t feel like I was going to school because 85 % of the time spent at the VEC was laughter time with teachers and students. Competent and comprehensive teachers that knew how to combine work and rest. Now that my training is over, I realized how much skills I learned in my professional life.

Various services helped me prepare my study project: First, it was Éducation internationale’s support and its service Québec métiers d’avenir. It has not always been easy for me but Éducation internationale has always been there for me when I was in trouble, even today I still benefit from the help of their officers. I would also like to thank the administrative staff of the school.

In my spare time, I go to the gym and to the movie theatres. I like restaurants. Quebec is multiculturalist and this reflects in the meals. There are African, Asian, Mexican, and many more. I also like to go out for a walk and breathe fresh air. This allows me to relax and to discover new surroundings. There are also tall and beautiful buildings, but I’m more into riversides, birds and nature. I love green spaces. I love to see the leaves of trees change colour as the seasons go by. I REALLY LOVE IT!

As for tips and tricks, as an international student, you must be very observant to learn more easily about the lifestyle of your host region. You must also learn about different expressions used in Quebec. You will realize that there are many differences between the French you speak and the French from Quebec. These are the joys of cultural diversity. You also need to prepare for winter because Quebec is a giant freezer during winter. You will quickly realize this. Anecdote: One day, I was walking and I felt the water in the bottle I was holding solidifying. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

P.S. It is not uncommon to see people smile and nod at you when encountering them: It’s the courtesy in Quebec, nothing more.

« Welcome to Quebec, the adventure continues! »

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