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Studies in Canada!

Stanislas Finoly

Installation and repair of telecommunications equipment
Centre de formation professionnelle Léonard-De Vinci
  Student, Installation and Repair of Telecommunications Equipment, Léonard-De Vinci Vocational Education Centre in Montreal.

The Installation and Repair of Telecommunication Equipment program is a quality training with a high level of study. It has nothing to do with what I did in Martinique because the level is much higher. The only downside is I would have needed the “Terminale S” to understand easily what was taught. When there are difficulties, the teachers don’t hesitate to explain to us again and to encourage us in succeeding.

The building is well equipped with computer equipment. There are enough devices for all the students in the class. For example, each student has an oscilloscope, PC/AC generator, computer, etc. There is even a space simulator for kids.

The building is both old and modern. Some equipment that has been used in the past is now used in our training to help us understand the evolution of technology.

Right next to the centre, there is a big modern library. It’s a safe haven. A quiet place where you can borrow books and video games to our delight.

There are plenty of choices of food in Quebec, because of the different cultures that coexist there. The plates are colourful with a nice variety. However, life in Montreal is quite expensive for a student who doesn’t work (electricity, transportation, phone, internet). That’s why it is better to choose share apartments or campus accommodations (when possible).

The quality of education provided in this school makes it a highly rated institution and sought by companies both public and private. Once our studies are completed, we’ll have the opportunity to be recruited by major telecommunication companies such as Bell, Telus, and Videotron. These companies repair, maintain and distribute underground and overheads networks.

They are a very good team, very lively, responsive and attentive to encountered difficulties. The team does its best to encourage people in their application while understanding that it is not always easy to go through everything that is asked. They can be reached easily, even by phone, which is very pleasant and reassuring when you come from abroad and have a different culture.

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