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COVID-19 | Update: Canada opens borders to international students
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Centre de formation professionnelle du Fjord

Québec métiers d’avenir represents the majority of Québec school boards and their training centres to provide international students with free support services so they can complete their vocational training in Québec.

N.B.: Students who register directly with a training centre do not qualify for Québec métiers d’avenir’s services.
[["Centre de formation professionnelle du Grand-Fjord - Pavillon Laure-Conan

847, avenue Georges-Vanier
G7H 4M1

Training offered to international students

The training presented on this page are the ones targeted by the centers in order to be offered to international students

Some training may be offered at the center but reserved for Québec students

Professional sales
See the formation

Start of training :
January 22, 2024

  • Language: French (B(2))
  • Duration: 900 hours (9 months)
  • Costs: 8 856$ CAD*
  • Fees: 304$ CAD*

Protection and development of wildlife habitats
See the formation

Start of training :
March 12, 2024

  • Language: French (B(2))
  • Duration: 1320 hours (10 months)
  • Costs: 28 193$ CAD*
  • Fees: 305$ CAD*


Welcoming services

General information and administrative follow-up

Documents verification (diplomas, CAQ, study and intern permits, etc.)
Direct contact with a resource person
Registration, information and provision of mandatory health insurance card
Explanation of the Centre’s teaching techniques and operations

Reception on arrival

Reception at the nearest regional airport and transportation to the training centre / accommodation
Route planning, reception at the nearest bus terminal and transportation to the training centre / accommodation location


Help with finding permanent accommodation (visits, signing of the lease, basic information on housing maintenance, etc.)
Support for first purchases related to housing (furniture, accessories, etc.)

Integrating into the community

Practical tour of the city and main services
Help with initial purchases
Contact with local aid organizations

Integrating the family

Referral to employment agencies for your spouse
Information on family social activities

Integrating into the school system

Monthly follow-up with the student




The steps to follow

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