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Plenty of career opportunities!

Sébastien Calpas

École hôtelière de la Capitale
Capitale-Nationale (Québec City)
  My name is Sébastien Calpas and I’m currently undertaking a training in Professional Pastry Making at École hôtelière de la Capitale (ITHQ) in Quebec City. The training is supervised by teachers who come from France and Quebec. They offer the same craft techniques, but with a touch and sensibility of their own (maple pastries for example). The teacher encourages the student and adapts to his learning pace. The theoretical classes only last a few weeks. Otherwise, during the whole year, we practice under real conditions of production. All our products are sold at the school shop. The two-week internship is at the end of the school year. The building is clean, the required equipment is lent to us at the begging of the training, so we only have the uniform to buy. Les classes are spacious and very well equipped. We don’t miss any equipment. The school’s administrative team is welcoming and always smiling. Regarding the city of Quebec, it is charming and it changes as the seasons go by. The population is representative of the professionals at school.

« I’m very happy to have chosen to come to Quebec to undertake my training. I am now ready to enter the labour market without fear. »

And for those who would like to stay longer, there are plenty of career opportunities.
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